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The social and economic consequences of the failure to recognize, contain, and/or control threatening plant pathogens require that every effort be made to engage in efficient and effective programs of surveillance, diagnosis, and detection. This requires the networking of human and technical capacities from the field to the lab, rapid and secure communications, and exchange of information between stakeholders. (more…)


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A large consideration in Africa for building systems to deliver data and information is the delivery mechanism itself. Unlike the highly connected, relatively cheap bandwidth environments of the United States and Europe, most of Africa is not connected. This is especially true for rural farmers, the people who we are eventually trying to serve. (more…)

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Target Architecture

Part of the activities for phase one of AGCommons includes development of what we are calling a Target Architecture. In the case of AGCommons the target architecture is more of a road map than a standard information technology architecture. (more…)

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