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There are many reasons why we choose to follow a particular career path. Sometimes it is a childhood dream that takes shape watching a movie or reading a favorite book; sometimes a spark is ignited in a school classroom; sometimes it is a desire to make a difference in a community; sometimes we adopt someone else’s dream and make it our own. (more…)


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Laban Adero Mac Opiyo, a PhD in Range Ecology and Management at the Texas A&M University, has been nominated Director of AGCommons.

His work –and passion–  have focused on geospatial agricultural research over the last 15 years during which he has been working  as a Geographical Information System (GIS) expert and project leader  to major initiatives throughout Africa and beyond.

His Leadership in advanced applied GIS skills, entrepreneurship and experience and applied agricultural research in the region led him to take up the challenging opportunity at  AGCommons.

An interview to introduce Laban to AGCommons community will soon be posted.. stay tuned.

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New Focus, New Site for AGCommons

Why a new site? With the new direction of AGCommons as a service bureau also its website needed a refresh.

As a development-focused geospatial information services provider, one of our main concerns is to inform on the potentials and value of location specific information. (more…)

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Alea iacta est – the die is cast! The design phase is now behind us and a new course for AGCommons has been mapped out. The program will be developed as an Africa-based service bureau providing location specific (geospatial) information technology services to extend the reach and impact of existing agricultural initiatives working to improve the productivity and incomes of smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The soon-to-be-launched bureau is the result of 10 months of intensive work by the program team, and involved a steering committee of subject matter experts covering agriculture and geospatial technology, as well as interviews, consultations and conferences that engaged more than 300 individuals across West and East Africa.


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The BBC Nairobi reporter David Ogot reports with interviews to our AGCommons steering committee member, Peter Ndunda, CIAT’s Andy Jarvis and ICRISAT’s Pierre Sibiry.

A Message of Hope to Farmers, by Joyce Mulama, IPS Correspondent in Kenya

Helping farmers at the touch of a button, IRIN News

More to come….stay tuned!

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