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If you’re passionate about Geographical Information Services (GIS) and how it can be applied for the benefit of agricultural development, there will be something for you at the upcoming Africa Agriculture GIS Week (AAGW) 2010. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a student with a keen interest in the discipline, or anyone else with an enthusiasm for all things GIS and agriculture, this event will provide you with a rare opportunity to learn from some of the industry’s foremost experts; share your experiences, knowledge and ideas; and network with people in the same field. (more…)

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Map of climate similarity to the Maroua, Cameron trial site, based on the Homologue™ model. The areas in red are the most similar in terms of rainfall, temperature and seasonal weather pattern.

While Asia and Latin America have benefitted from the Green Revolution, agricultural yields in Africa have increased little over the last half century.  This gap is due, in part, to the current state of African research systems. Improved systems will lead to increased yields, a solution that African governments and donors already recognize. (more…)

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