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Looking for information on agriculture research results in Africa? Seeking opportunities for collaboration with other projects? Maps can help also to answer these questions:  CGIAR Research map for Africa is the place to go if you want to know what is going on in agricultural research in Africa. (more…)


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Our fellows spatial information specialists of the Consortium for Spatial Information (CSI): the initiative of geospatial scientists within the Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research (CGIAR), gave a facelift to their web presence. Check it out here for information on datasets available, activities, projects…

The common interest towards the promotion of the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for agricultural development, led AGCommons and CSI to jointly organize the next African Agriculture Geospatial Week (AAGW) soon to be announced.

Stay tuned..

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A major component of the AGCommons program from the beginning has been to find a way to make spatial information more relevant and useful to small-holder farmers in the field. The idea that we can bring the same level of location intelligence used by large scale farming operations and agribusinesses in North America to small-holder farmers in Africa is not far fetched. This was validated during the AGCommons outreach trip(s) last April and has been proven by the Quick Win projects started last year but now wrapping up. (more…)

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Business Opportunity

Leader Sought to Equip Africa’s Farmers with Location-Specific Information


Agriculture is intimately tied to its location in the landscape and, by extension, to key conditions strongly influenced by location, particularly climate, soil and water availability. This link to geospatial factors is probably stronger for agriculture than any other economic sector. Geospatial information is critical to good decision making throughout the agriculture sector – from farmers to input suppliers, researchers, extension agencies and policy makers. With rapid progress in information and communications technology, the potential for using spatial information in Africa to improve the livelihoods and productivity of poor farmers has never been greater.


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Part of the CSI/AGCommons week attendanceFinal day (Friday) of CSI-AGCommons workshops in Nairobi, with the theme “Mapping Our Future”. (more…)

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Jennifer Barnes, AGCommons Outreach Leader

How can AGCommons effectively help farmer Mary? This is the question that participants tried to answer today at the AGCommons workshop in Nairobi. (more…)

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Day 2 of CSI Annual Meeting 2009, was “Spatial Solutions Day”, dedicated to share information on what each CGIAR Center is doing as regards spatial solutions. (more…)

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