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The Burkina visit provided the West Africa outreach team an opportunity to travel to some villages and interact directly with farmers. The team traveled approximately 100km west of Ouagadougou to a village near Koudougou called Reo. The village is located near a dry creek and is provided shade by Mango, Neem, and Baobob trees. (more…)


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To cap off our wonderful visit to Burkina Faso and Ouagadougou, the AGCommons team held a mini-workshop with the people and organizations we had met with earlier. Our participants included agriculture research institutions, government organizations, private-sector entrepreneurs, local NGOs, and a women’s farmer association.

Our workshop began with an overview of the AGCommons program, including a summary of what the AGCommons team has been hearing in both Mali and Burkina Faso. All the participants were actively engaged and had excellent questions and input for the program. Some of the questions and comments we received:

“Need to ensure the sustainability of the activities to be implemented, the program needs to have a clear vision on how those activities and initiatives will be sustainable”

“Many institutions provide technical and market information, which needs to be consolidated and shared at the farmer level.”

Similar to our Mali workshop, we asked the participants to come up with 1-2 specific projects that could be implemented in Burkina Faso as part of AGCommons.

Project 1: Support production of Leguminoses (Sesame) in Solenzo (Banwa)
Information needs: Suitability of climatic zone, soil type, inputs, yields, micro credit structures, and commercialization network (internal and external)
Communication channels: radio and Mobile phones (SMS)

Project 2: Support to the production of milk and dairy products to the women in Dori (Seno)
Information needed: location of water points (such as boreholes and wells), rangelands (production, agro-industry products), animal diseases, markets location and prices (internal, external).
Communication channels: radio, telephone, RAC (short-wave radio system)

Project 3: Production and commercialization of livestock and cereal crops
Area: Burkina Faso
Farm type: cereals crops like Millet, Maize, Sorghum, Niebe, vegetables, and rice – in combination with animals, including sheep, goats, and poultry
Information: Potential of the soils (per farm type, rangeland production), availability of inputs (seeds, fertilizer, etc…), information to monitor the growing season (weather, satellite images, status of water points), technology (equipment, farming techniques…), accessibility to credits, and commercialization (prices of crops, prices of inputs, location of markets, sales office on the markets, capacity of the market, accessibility, and infrastructure).
Communication channels: Internet, radios, SMS, newspapers, posters.

Project 4: Production of Maize, Rice and Niebe
Information needs: market information (prices, stock, location, quantity, and organization), climate variability, availability and accessibility of inputs, management and improvement of soil fertility, and diseases and insecticide.

Project 5: Animal production
Information needs: market locations, availability of agro-industry products, and availability, quality, accessibility of inputs.
Communication channels: mobile phone, internet, TV, newspaper

Our mini-workshop ended with an animated discussion on the information needs and challenges of female farmers. With only one women in the room, Madame Maria Lougue from Pag-La-Yiri, a women farmers association, the needs of the female farmers had to be advocated for. “The project must address the illiteracy of women so that they can use the information to improve their livelihood.”

There are many great opportunities for AGCommons project and partners in Burkina Faso!

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The AGCommons Mali outreach concluded with a mini-workshop hosted by ICRISAT and IER (many thanks to Mr.

Sibiry Traore and his staff). The group participating represented those who the outreach team had an opportunity to consult with over the preceding days and many others. (more…)

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agcommons.orgMali has a very rich agricultural history and with significant opportunity for expansion and intensification of its agricultural lands, has potential to be a producer of grains to supply West Africa and beyond. (more…)

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The Ghana outreach touched a cross-section of government, farmer organizations, NGOs and commercial endeavors. Indeed our team was just as busy as the notorious Accra traffic, splitting up to cover the diverse group of organizations engaged here. Our mini-workshop, hosted at the SNV compound, had the highest attendance and best female representation as well. (more…)

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These past few weeks have been busy ones for the AGCommons team. We have been very active in preparing for our outreach trips, which start in less than two weeks – our detailed schedule is below (and on the calendar at AGCommons.org). (more…)

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It’s a Tuesday morning after a rainy night, and the wet season has finally started here in the capital district of Kenya. We are on our way to KENDAT, The Kenya Network for Dissemination of Agricultural Technologies. KENDAT is active in three domains: conservation agriculture, agro-enterprise support, and donkey husbandry. (more…)

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