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“Mobile phone has revolutionized scientists’ ability to track crop disease and communicate the latest scientific advances to remote farmers” says the article on NYTimes.com on the Crop Disease project, one of the five “quickwin” AGCommons projects. (more…)


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WhereCampAfrica took place in Nairobi on April 4th with a goal of showcasing and sharing with Africa’s technology community new opportunities and possibilities presented by the fast evolving ICTs. WhereCampAfrica was preceded by the first Africa Geospatial week sponsored by the CGIAR-CSI. (more…)

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The BBC Nairobi reporter David Ogot reports with interviews to our AGCommons steering committee member, Peter Ndunda, CIAT’s Andy Jarvis and ICRISAT’s Pierre Sibiry.

A Message of Hope to Farmers, by Joyce Mulama, IPS Correspondent in Kenya

Helping farmers at the touch of a button, IRIN News

More to come….stay tuned!

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Find ways to apply vital information to the basic question of improving the lives of Africa’s people, is aim of the conference of the Knowledge Management Africa (KMA) taking place these days in Dakar.

The Inter Press Service article recently published on the conference, contains large reference to AGCommons as one of the  initiatives that “put emphasis on building, enhancing and applying knowledge at the local level using various technologies”.

The new direction were we are thinking to lead AGCommons fits well with the quote from Dr Snowy Khoza, the initiative’s chairperson: “make use of African skills for development”.  We are seeking to establish AGCommons a standalone Africa-based service bureau providing geo-spatial information technology services to improve the productivity and incomes of small-holder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Read the full article to learn what Pierre C. Sibiry Traore, an ICRISAT scientist, says about our Quick Win ProjectUnlocking Precision Agriculture in West African Smallholder Communities with Very High-Resolution Imagery: Seeing Is Believing.

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